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I am now settled and comfortable in the new house and office on the shore of Port Susan.
My new Email address is: rhp-bob@threshinc.com
My new phone number is: 360-652-7771
My new mailing address is:
11530 Tulare Way West
Tulalip, WA 98271

I am one hour north of Seattle and one and one half hours north of Sea-Tac airport.

Welcome to the home page of Robert H. Perry Yacht Designers Inc.

We are here to design boats both sail and power. That is our reason to be. If you have an idea for a custom boat that is a little out of the ordinary or you have done enough sailing or looking to know that the stock production boats do not offer what you need then itís time to discuss a custom design. Itís fun. Itís demanding and itís rewarding. We like nothing better than to provide carefully crafted designs for discerning clients. We will work closely with you to choose the right, reliable builder.

I continue my 35 year long relationship with Mr. Ken Sawyer. We have done everything from motor sailers to pure sailing yachts and now the spectacular LIONHEARTíS CONCERTO 42í Double Ender powerboat. This powerboat was inspired by a vintage model Bugatti motor car. The CONCERTO has 1,000 mile range at 11 knots and 700 mile range at 15 knots. It is a very efficient hull. Ken is a lot of fun to work with and has, as you can see, an active imagination and an open mind.

Robert H. Perry the new office

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We are also very involved with production, series built designs for manufacturers. Our designs have a long successful track record in the production boat field. We would be happy to discuss your next production model with you. We know the production process well and are familiar with all the latest materials and methods. With the name PERRY on the pedigree I think your next boat will have a distinct advantage in the world of production cruising boats. Look at our string of successes. We know cruising boats and we know the market.

40-ft. Commuter for Little Palm Island Resort 40-ft. Commuter for Little Palm Island Resort
Ken Sawyer´s Lyman-Morse 45 Far Harbour 39 40ft Schooner Saga 48 ICON - 65ft Lifting Keel Carbon sloop 30-6 Lobster 28ft Composite Runabout

45 Concerto MS
Sawyer DE 29 Foot Launch
Sawyer 43 Bug SP
Sawyer 42-4.5 Black Hull
Sawyer 38 Bug Sail plan A
Sawyer 36 DE Launch
Sawyer 29.2 Open Launch
Sawyer 29.2 Launch
Lion Conc ariel shot
Capaz 48 Class Ketch FT 10 Nightrunner: 41-11 Cutter

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