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I get so many requests from people asking that I help them find the right boat that I needed a way to give myself the time and freedom to respond thoroughly. I offer a consultation service that gives the client ongoing phone access to me. This means that, within reason, you can call as many times as you need to satisfy the questions you have during the boat buying process. It might be helpful for you to fax me specs on various boats you are looking at and let me be the devil’s advocate to insure that you are exploring all the appropriate options.
TASHIBA 36 It may be that you called for information on one of my designs but in fact there are other designer’s boats that would better serve your needs. You may think that certain designs are mine while in fact my name was attached to them as a marketing convenience. This can be very important. I may have information pertaining to certain hull numbers that are better than others and which hull numbers had specific, genetic problems.
Working together we can reduce your list down to a group of good boats. When you are ready to make an offer I will give you some support on where to start the process. I will also go over specs and surveys with you in detail. This way we can search out the significant areas of concern and where your strength in negotiating may lie. I can direct you to knowledgeable and energetic brokers that have proven themselves to me.
When you have the boat you may need to buy some gear. I have access to some pretty significant discounts. I will sell major gear items to you at my price plus 10%. Some of my discounts run as high as 50%. This particular service also allows me to have some input on the way you equip your boat. When your boat looks good, I look good.
Design 78 This service has made some good friends for me. Most consultation clients are very happy with my help. We can have some fun and find a good boat at a good price in the process. You may find that when you approach a broker and tell them that you have retained me as a consultant a whole level of "broker babble" immediately falls away.
This consultation service is also available if you already own a Perry boat and would like access to Bob for technical advice or a set of your boats's original plans. Bob can advise you on choice of gear, sail plan options, the best sailmakers and various ways you can make your boat perform better. This service is available for $500 USD.
Robert H. Perry

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