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Prints of all my drawings are available for $100 per sheet plus postage. I can no longer provide nice sepia prints as printers today have all gone to the Xerox process. Stinky old ammonia process printers are now relics. I got rid of mine when I moved to the new office. I did not want to stink the place up. The good news is that using the Xerox process I can have the drawing reproduced at any size. This makes it much easier for framing.

Maybe you want a set of drawings for your boat to keep onboard for reference. Full sets of plans are available and usually run around $500 depending on how many sheets are involved. Some owners like a set of full sized prints and a set of half size prints to keep on board. My prints have been used for restaurant wall art and also in movie sets.

Sail plan prints make nice gifts. I am a very good draftsman. I know I am. My drawings in many cases are pure art and look great framed and hanging on the wall. But they are also working documents and a sail plan comes in very handy if you are discussing new sails with a sail maker or rigging modifications with a rigger.

I am also open to selling my original drawings. I keep a high quality print on mylar for myself and you can own the original piece of art. But like any high quality work of art they are pricey. They truly reflect the love I have for my craft. They are very unique.

Contact me so we can discuss the best package of drawings for your needs. Do this before sending me a check. I want be sure you are aware of the options available.
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